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Russian President Vladimir Putin, Putin is also very particular about wearing watches, which is the most favorite is Blancpain Blancpain brand Leman series Aqualung. The so-called Leman is a large lake in Switzerland, part of which is called Lake Geneva. AquaLung is the oxygen bottle that diving equipment.Blancpain Leanc Series Blancpain aqualung replica watches watch: classic Blancpain design, double bezel, wide pointer, large date display, no extra design, very low-key introverted. This section of the use of Blancpain self-developed 6950 self-winding movement, 70 hours power reserve, 18K white gold wire drawing, black Aqua lung dial, natural rubber strap, watch body diameter of 40 mm. Rugged case can effectively waterproof up to 100 meters depth, and perfect made case also provides additional protection for the movement.On September 14, 2009, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin asked for a commemorative gift on the spot when he visited an arsenal. Putin hesitated to take his watch out. It is understood that Pu Jin sent the BLANCPAIN watch, is launched in 2005 Blancpain LémanGrandeDate Aqualung limited edition watch, the world limited edition of 2005.

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